RMN Redux

Talk of torture, gag orders on government departments, building a wall, limiting immigration from Muslim countries, investigation of non-existent voter fraud, cutting veterans’ benefits. Lies, lies, and more lies. And still more lies.

I hear people saying things like “this isn’t the America I grew up in!” But it is, you know. If you were here during the Nixon Administration — and you’re honest about it — it is in fact exactly the America you grew up in. Or in my case, were a young adult in.

A few of the specific issues, such as Islamophobia, are new, but the atmosphere and the underlying mindset are very much the same. An executive branch filled with people who give the term “henchmen” a bad name, executive secrecy and paranoia, a damaged and deranged president and a vice president who in some ways is even worse…same old song.

Repression of dissent, fake news (think body counts in the Viet Nam era), racism pretending to be something else, enemies lists, excoriation of the legitimate press. The FBI an out-of-control partisan organization, the Congress and much of the public in deep thrall to a psychopath, false dangers (Communism then, “Islamic jihad” now) hyped to justify unjustifiable government actions. Nothing new under the sun.

If you listen, you’ll hear people my age talking about how we already did the dissent and the demonstrations once, and for years. None of us really want to do it again. But we have to, and we will. It took 10 years of active dissent to end it the last time. Let’s all hope it won’t take as long this time.


4 thoughts on “RMN Redux

    1. I think that by the time he left office Nixon was genuinely crazy too. But he was also a lot less delusional, politically and legally much smarter, and understood government. In some ways that makes Trump more dangerous, I agree.


  1. I think Trump is a lot more dangerous than Nixon was, though I’m sure some amount of that is just that I’m paying a lot more attention now. And of course there’s a lot more information easily available. But it also seems like the repubs in congress are a lot less reasonable, and either a lot more willing to write off everyone who’s not one of them or just more open about it.

    I hope all this protesting pays off.


    1. I don’t know that I think Trump is himself more dangerous than Nixon was. He’s not nearly as smart, I think. But I do agree that the current crop of Republicans are far worse than the R’s of Nixon’s day.


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