Undoing the Election

If enough members of the Electoral College do what they are being asked to do by petitions and by countless newspaper editorials, it’s possible that Trump will not get the 270 electoral votes he needs.

“Rigged,” if it comes out that way, or so Trump will say

A recount has begun in Wisconsin, and recount applications will be filed in Michigan and Pennsylvania too. If all three states were to flip to Clinton, she would have a majority of electoral votes.

“A scam,” Donald Trump has already said

Imagine the uproar we’d have if either of these unlikely things undid the election. Peaceful demonstrations and petition drives would be nothing to it. We’d be better off in every imaginable way, of course, but the Nazi tantrums and violence would go on for a long, long time.

Thats not a reason to leave it as it is, needless to say. There is no reason for that, though it’s probably what will happen. Trump will be inaugurated, and America will circle the drain (and perhaps the wagons) for as long as he’s in office.

I wish most heartily that we could undo this election. Even if we could, though, it’s unlikely that Clinton would be able to govern, even if she were able somehow to win the office. Republican majorities in both the House and the Senate, jackals in House Committees snapping at her, eager to impeach her and lock her up…it’s a lot to ask her to endure.

But on the other hand…Trump.

10 thoughts on “Undoing the Election

  1. I can’t think about what it would mean if the count comes back that Trump didn’t win. We are so far down the road now. Have you read up on what happens if the recount turns the tables? Besides the fact that the neo-nazis and ammosexuals will take up arms?


    1. I know…I don’t think it will happen, and as much as I’d like to see it, I’m almost afraid of the uproar we’ll get if it does. Plus, if the EC elects no one and throws it to the House, each state gets one vote. I suspect Trump would simply be elected there.


  2. Undoing the election would be great, but even if a recount changed the result, that’s not going to undo it. That toothpaste is out of the tube.

    I’d really like to see Trump NOT get inaugurated. But at this point I think that Clinton winning a recount would not only result in 4 years of her not being able to accomplish anything, it would also guarantee the Republicans the next 20 (at least) years. And it’s so unlikely that the recount would change the result, where it’s very likely to irritate a lot of people, even those who aren’t currently irritated at the Democrats.

    Trump as president should at least give the Democrats a great opportunity to get their shit together, and get a good candidate nominated and elected in 2020. But (as has been written all over the place for the last 3 weeks) to do that, they need to learn from what went wrong for them this year. Including how important – and easy – it is to manipulate the media. The Democrats’ long statement explaining why they’re supporting the recount may make sense, but people aren’t reading it. They’re reading the headlines, and Trump’s tweets.


    1. I agree with you mostly. I think Clinton can’t possibly govern in the mess she’d have. Still, Trump is so terribly dangerous, I’d accept even Pence in his place. Pence is dangerously conservative, but I don’t think he’s actually a neo-Nazi.

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  3. Not to mention that it’s mathematically improbable. The votes would need to turn for HRC in all three states for the electoral vote tally to be in her favor. I do like that Trump’s panties are all in a bunch over the recount, though. We get to see the real Donald.


  4. Why? With almost no chance for a recount to change anything, the Democrats are just reinforcing their image of arrogance and close-mindedness. The headline on freep.com right now is: “Mich. presidential recount could cost taxpayers nearly $1M”. I’d so rather see them putting their efforts into things that might have an effect: things like challenging Trump’s appointees, and pushing for investigations of his conflicts of interest.


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