Random Thoughts After the Election, Part 6:

– I’ve seen WAY too many fake news posts on Facebook since the election, both from the right and from the left. I think the alt-right fake sites are a menace…but so are the sites on the left. Nothing improves if false information proliferates even more across the Web.

Two fact checking organizations I trust are factcheck.org and snopes.com.Both of these sites have been denigrated by the right, but I think without reason. Snopes is entirely funded by advertising (which is potentially, though I think not currently, a problem). FactCheck is supported partly by the Annenberg Public Policy Foundation and partly by donors. They are completely transparent about their funding, which is a good thing. You can support FactCheck here:

One thought on “Random Thoughts After the Election, Part 6:

  1. I am hoping that at least some amount of good comes out of this trainwreck of an election. One of the things might be the left mobilizing, or the democrats getting their act together. Another might be a lot more awareness of fake news, and the necessity for fact-checking. And maybe even some institutions, like Google and Facebook, will start either keeping the unsupported info off their pages, or at least putting up statements about the accuracy of the info.

    John Oliver’s show of Sunday night spent some time on this, but of course he’s pretty well preaching to the choir. It was very funny, as he always is, and depressing as hell.

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