Random Thoughts After the Election, Part 3:

– Thinking this morning about the Nixon administration, including how it ended. In the end, you could say that democracy triumphed. But it took six years of genuine horribleness to get there — those who are old enough remember. And in the end, it took Republicans of good conscience to help end the mess. Are there Republicans of good conscience today? I don’t know.

– Michael Moore and a few others have pointed out that the Democratic Party needs to begin a concerted drive to elect Democrats at all levels of government, immediately. We need to find the best candidates available for all contests, even those we think are unwinnable because of gerrymandering or demographics, and fund them and run them. And we need to start right now. Today.

One thought on “Random Thoughts After the Election, Part 3:

  1. Did you watch the Michael Moore clip on Morning Joe a few days ago? It was amazing. They let them go on for 45 minutes without interruption.


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