Random Thoughts After the Election, Part 2:

– Will Trump even be inaugurated? The Trump University suit at the end of this month may end up preventing that. OTOH, is Mike Pence better, or actually worse?

– How much of this has happened because the Right was right that we educated, liberal folk live in a bubble that makes us not even see people different from ourselves, especially if they’re white? I think Michael Moore has been trying to tell us this.

One thought on “Random Thoughts After the Election, Part 2:

  1. Michael Moore predicted exactly what would happen, down to which states would make the difference. And for pretty much the same reasons all the other analysts are now saying. But he called it in July.

    He’s now predicting Trump won’t last the whole 4 years.

    I think Trump will be worse than Pence for a lot of reasons, including just being a lot harder to take, but I also think he’ll fight with the Republican establishment enough that Pence would probably put a lot more stuff through that I am not going to like.


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